Milestone for ‘Monumentally Grieg!’

The Grieg Society of Scotland is pleased to announce the release of two special resources in support of its physical heritage project Monumentally Grieg! – a short documentary film produced and narrated by the Society’s Honorary Director, and a complementary online 3D model built by conservation experts Spectrum Heritage in exciting, cross-discipline collaboration with the Society. Together they tell the story of the Edvard Grieg ancestral gravestone at Rathen, Aberdeenshire, how it came to be erected, how the Society set about conserving it, and what it means today.

Watch our 10-minute Monumentally Grieg! film here
Explore our interactive Monumentally Grieg! 3D model here

If our Monumentally Grieg! gravestone can have a milestone, this is it!

Author: Dr Sally LK Garden (Apr 2019)