Our horizon?  Norway.

Our shore?  Scotland.

Our world?  Music.


Edvard & Nina Grieg

Partners in music. Partners in life. With lots to tell us in Scotland today!

Edvard Grieg – Composer (born Bergen 1843).

Nina Grieg – Singer (born Bergen 1845).


About Us

The Grieg Society of Scotland

The Society was formally constituted in October 2017 with the following founding purpose :

Founding purpose (2017)

‘ My great-grandfather was a Scot, and if my works have achieved a popularity which is incomprehensible to me, the reason is surely not only to be found in the national element, but perhaps rather in the fusion of cosmopolitan and national elements ’ – Edvard Grieg

The Grieg Society of Scotland seeks to advance understanding of the lives and extraordinary artistic legacies of composer Edvard Grieg and his wife, singer Nina Grieg, both of whom were Norwegian of Scots descent. The Society aims to excite curiosity about their musical partnership, vision and positive, optimistic belief in humanity by celebrating and commemorating their creative work, exploring their writings, and furthering knowledge of Scottish-Scandinavian cultural and historical connexions. We look to the Scottish dimension of Edvard and Nina Grieg not as an incidental fact of history, but as a living focus to bring people together – to broaden horizons, challenge perspectives, enrich our communities, and refresh, through music, our ties across the North Sea. Our mission is to inform and inspire.

The work of the Society, which is multidisciplinary, non-political, and open to all, encompasses performance and participative events, community and physical heritage projects, research and publication.

Dr Sally LK Garden
October 2017

Our Committee

The Society is supported by a committee of dedicated volunteers chosen not only for their lifelong interest in the Grieg legacy, but for their collective knowledge and understanding of the musics, literatures, languages and histories of Norway and Scotland.

Johanne Grieg Kippenbroeck (Honorary President)
Dr Sally LK Garden (Honorary Director)
Edvard Rieber-Mohn
Kirsti M Dinnis
Eva Tyson

How to become a Member

Simply contact us here

Our Inspirations

We’ll tell you more about our inspirations here soon. Meantime we thought you might be wondering…

Why Scotland needs a Grieg Society?

Rattray Head Lighthouse
Rattray Head Lighthouse – a light towards Norway from the Buchan coast. Not far, as the seagull flies, from the Grieg ancestral home.

Perhaps it is not a question of why Scotland needs a Grieg society, as why it has taken so long? Scottish fondness for Edvard Grieg and the memory of his family links to the North East of Scotland is palpable. Everywhere, distant relatives, real or otherwise, cherish his name. And everywhere, school orchestras, community choirs, and amateur musicians, young and old, find fun and enjoyment in his music.

But do we really know Edvard Grieg? And why don’t we know more about Nina Grieg? When visiting Norwegian choirs, music groups, professional orchestras and soloists come into our communities and delight with their music-making, do we really understand how much we have in common, of shared experience and cultural memory? Couldn’t we learn more from each other?

Folk in Scotland have a love, and a curiosity, about the Grieg legacy. It’s time that was given a new focus and depth, and time we celebrated the Scottish dimension of Edvard and Nina Grieg not as an incidental fact of history, but as an inspiration for today, to lift our eyes to broader cultural horizons – to fresh possibilities in ourselves, our communities and our friendships.

♥ Getting to know the Griegs – with a little help from Tchaikovsky – see them through the Russian composer’s eyes here


Nina Grieg – the woman behind the man

Like the sound of our music? Then why not join us? Membership is free and open to all. Simply contact us here

Our Work

Reflecting on Grieg and ‘the North’ in company with Scottish pianist Christina Lawrie

Celebrating the release of her Sutherland Duo recording of Grieg’s third Violin Sonata, Scottish pianist Christina Lawrie met with our Honorary Director to chat about her musical inspirations. Conversation turned to ‘the North’, its light, and the importance of another northern ‘light’ the two share, as ‘Red Lichties’ educated in the music-festival town of Arbroath. …

Aberdeenshire community names garden after Edvard Grieg

Our Honorary Director was delighted to be invited along this month to the opening of a very special community garden in the village of Rathen, Aberdeenshire. Inventively named by the children of the local primary school, the garden celebrates the community’s deep-rooted links with Norway and an exciting family connection with composer Edvard Grieg. North …